Are Your Employees Working As Hard As They Say?

Do you have employees who work off your business premises? You will feel overwhelmed if you have to run all over to ensure that they are doing their work as required. Managing employees in the field can be a daunting task as well as an expensive undertaking. It will cost the company time and money to supervise every member of staff singly. But, it does not have to be that way since you can install Auto Forward app and forget about running around.

How does Auto Forward monitor your employees at work?

To begin with, Auto Forward is software for tracking cell phones and monitoring their usage. For you to enjoy its benefits, it must be installed in the phones. It is only legal to install the software in the office phones; otherwise, you could be sued. The best monitoring software will come with many features, among them text-messaging logs, call logs, web history and emails access, GPS tracker and more.

The GPS feature helps you to know where the employees are at any given time. If they are not supervised, employees working in the field can evade their duties and go on their personal errands. With this app from Auto Forward, you are able to track their movements in the field, without too much effort. For instance, if you have delivery persons or salespersons in different locations, the tracker will show the time that a certain delivery was made, the stops the employee might have made and any other diversion from the call of duty. This software can help you to ensure that the company’s resources are used appropriately. Remember your main goal is to maximize profits, and nothing should be allowed to jeopardize that.

Besides knowing the location of employees at any given time, you also get to know the people they called, texted or even sent instant messages. This will help you to know whether they are working and make some changes where need be. Most field projects take time to complete and they use a large proportion of the company’s resources. Thus, the last thing that you want is workers who sneak away to do their personal stuff. You can ensure that your project is completed as scheduled by installing the software.

Do you spy or let the employees know you are monitoring them?

The debate about spying on employees is far from being settled. All the same, as long as you are doing it for the interests of the organization, the law permits you to install cell phone monitoring software in business cell phones. You can either choose to tell them or not.  Auto Forward enables you to monitor your workers in the field, to ensure that they are working and following the orders. Customer satisfaction is paramount and you need employees who can deliver results, lest you lose your clients.

Forget the monthly subscriptions, instead pay once and get a pack of instrumental features. Know where your salespersons are at a particular time, text message spy and get to know, whom they called as well as what the conversation was all about. This can only be achieved with the best software.  

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