Worried Your Child Is Engaged in Sexting? Our Cell Phone Spy Software Is All You Need!

Are you familiar with the current trend among teens these days? It's the so-called 'Sexting'. In simple words, the term sexting refers to the act of taking nude photos and sending them to other people through text messages. We all know that the generation of today is so much different from past generations, as they are very much influenced by modern technology. Today, it is not only possible, but it's way too easy to send photos through cell phones, which is why sexting is very popular among teenagers. Perhaps you still think that you can prevent your teens from engaging in this act by simply guarding them from time to time. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible, unless you download some powerful software like a mobile phone spy program.

Before we dwell on the importance of installing cell phone spy on your teen's mobile device, let us take a look at some shocking statistics provided by DoSomething:


1. There are a couple of reasons why teenage girls do the sexting thing - 40% do it only as a joke; 34% engage in it to feel sexy, and 12% admit being pressured to get involved in it.

2.  Who do they do it with? 17 percent of them say they share such photos with another person, while 55 percent say they share the photos not just to one person, but more.

3.  Although 70 percent of teen girls and boys are likely to do sexting with their boyfriend or girlfriend, more than half of all sexters state that they were urged and pressure to do so more than once.

4.  Almost 40 percent of all teenagers have exchanged sexual messages to others, but boys are more likely to do it than girls.

5. Teen girls are more likely to send nude or seminude photos. 22 percent of teen girls admit sending such photos, whereas only 18 percent of boys do.}

6. 11 percent of girls between the ages of 13 and 16 have sent or received sexually provocative messages.


So you might be wondering if cell phone spy software may at all be helpful? Definitely YES! For sure, you don't want your teenage child to belong to any of those statistics. By using Auto Forward cell spy, monitoring your child's phone will take you just around 3 minutes. With this software, you can take a look at the new, old or even recently deleted text messages on your child's device.

There are many other features you can take advantage of! You will also get access to various features of the target phone, such as call logs, internet browsing history, videos, photos, and more. You can rest assured that Auto Forward will work because it is compatible with any kind of cell phone. Take note, however, that you will have to jailbreak an iPad or iPhone first before you can use this spy software in them.

If you have any questions on jail breaking a device or why you would need to jail break a device, please check out this CNN article for more information. Should you have any other questions or concerns about how to use Auto Forward, feel free to contact any of our representatives from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Check out our website and learn more about the power of this mobile phone spy software! http://www.auto-forward.com.