Helpful Guide on How to Track Text Messages Using Cell Phone Spying Software: App for spying on cell phone’s

The idea of spying on another cell phone and tracking its text messages may seem very complicated, but it's not. Especially using the best spy software for cell phones, like Easy Spy, everything is made easier and user-friendly. Plus, Easy Spy is compatible with all iPhones and Android phones, so you shouldn't worry about using it on any mobile device.


By using a good remote spying app, it will be easy for you to monitor text messages remotely and even without physical access to the phone. The secure online server of the spy software company makes it easy for you to view or access the text messages on the target phone, including the contacts and the time the messages were sent or received.

How Does It Work?

First of all, you have to know how the target devices operates before you can install the text tracker on it. This could be quite a challenge, but fortunately, the monitoring itself is performed remotely. The only time that you need to get hold of the phone is when you are about to install the software.  If a phone spy software company offers you software that can be installed without having access to the phone, you should not believe this because it is a scam! Another requirement for successfully installing the software is internet connection, which should not be a problem because smartphones today have access to WiFi.

Initially, the target phone should be connected to the internet so you may successfully install the text tracker. Through this, it becomes possible for the online server to collect the important data about the phone, and then give you the information you need. Once everything is ready and set up, you can begin tracking text messages. Here is how you can easily track text messages from the target phone:

1. Download the cell phone spy software/text message tracker

2. Open your email and look for the email from the software company, which should contain the link from where you can download the software

3. Get the target phone and connect it to the internet. You can simply turn on the WiFi for this.

4. Transfer the link from the email to the target phone, and download it.

5. Once the installation is complete, you may begin monitoring the target phone's text messages. All information will be sent to you through the secure online server.

6. With some upgraded versions of the spy software, you may be given access to other features. You may monitor call logs, email addresses and messages, and others.

For Devices Running on iOS

If you are to track a device running on an iOS, it is required that you jailbreak the device first. This will enable you to install the third party app on the iPhone, which is known to have so many restrictions when it comes to installing programs. Per CNN, “Some mobile phones, particularly the iPhone, come with restrictions on what types of apps -- or programs -- you can purchase and run, which cellular network you can use and, essentially, what you can do with the phone.

For Devices Running on Android

If you want to monitor the target phone's social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others on an Android phone, rooting the device is a necessary step. This will give you permission to install apps that are not provided by Android itself.  As popular android site has stated, Rooting is removing the restrictions the manufacturer or cellular carrier placed on the device you own.

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