Know What Your Kids Are Up To By Setting Limits on Cell Phone Use

With the rapid and endless development of technology, every parent now faces the huge challenge of raising tech-savvy children. If you look around you, you will hardly see a youngster not having a gadget. In fact, even babies nowadays know how to use tablets and other devices. According to, kids these days are so used to having technology at hand. As a result, more and more young people are having troubles sleeping and getting enough exercise, which makes them more vulnerable to obesity, poor performance in school, less interaction with family and friends, and inability to concentrate because of the overwhelming information they are taking in. Given the huge amount of information that our children can easily access these days, setting limits in terms of how long they can use their devices seems to be the only solution. It may not be easy to set these limits, but it is needed if you want your children to not be over-influenced by computer and the internet. Aside from having house rules, parents should also create rules as to how kids should use their gadgets.


Here are some tips on how you can do this:

1.       Show Them How to Use Technology. As a parent, you have to show your kids how technology is supposed to be utilized. You are being looked up to by your kids, and it is likely that they will follow what you do.

2.       Be Educated on Electronics. You have to be as good as your kids when it comes to technology. Needless to say, you've got some catching up to do.

3.       Implement a 'No Gadgets Zone' Policy at Home. You have to make your kids understand that there are parts of your house that are for family time only.

4.       Keep a Schedule When They Can Go Online. It is vital for children to have schedules and structures set. Although children may vary in terms of how they easily get used to routines, it would be beneficial if you could establish a routine with your child, such as doing homework with them at a particular time of day, and giving them time when they can use their devices.

5.       Always Be in Control. The danger with letting kids use modern technology is that they may not be mature enough to know what is right for them and what is wrong. By monitoring their online activities, you are actually protecting them already. Bonus Tip: When it comes to monitoring, the best cell phone monitoring software available to you is the Easy Spy cell phone spyware.

6.       Explain to Your Kids What the Risks Are. It is important that you make your children understand the risks of overusing technology. Once they understand why there should be limits, they are more likely to be more cautious in what they are doing online.

7.       Know All Your Child's Passwords. This can prove to you how much your child trusts you. Tell your child that you will only access their accounts if there is an urgent need to do so.

8.       Encourage Them to Do Other Things. If you don't want your child to waste their time just playing with their mobile devices, then you have to find other things they may be interested in, such as clubs or sports. This will encourage them to go out and live normally.

9.       Use Screen Time as a Reward. Allow them to use their devices as a form of a reward. Make them understand that by not obeying your rules, their punishment will be to not use their gadgets. Many parents are actually using this strategy when trying to discipline their kids.

10.   Prohibit the Use of Gadgets in Their Bedrooms. Social media is definitely a huge distraction to sleep patterns. As a result, they sleep less, and this can affect their performance in school.


Every single family is different and parents don't have the same parenting styles. Nevertheless, the tips mentioned above can help solve issues relating to how children these days are becoming too reliant on technology.} {Great monitoring applications are available, like

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